Different Methods for Scattering Ashes

Posted on September 14, 2020 by Deb Eley under cremation
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Following the cremation services in Buckland, OH, you may wish to scatter the ashes. There are many things you can do with the cremated remains of a loved one, but one of the most popular is to scatter the ashes. And there are various ways to scatter. You can read about them below.

Scatter on the Ground

It is common to scatter cremated remains on the ground. You could, for instance, scatter your loved one’s ashes in their favorite vegetable or flower garden. Perhaps you could do so at the end of an informal memorial service event at the family home. Another way to scatter on the ground is via a method known as trenching. It’s easy. You can make a trench on the ground, such as somewhere in the garden, and then scatter the ashes inside of the trench. After doing this, you and your other family members can take turns covering up the trench with a shovel. You can also scatter on the ground via raking. You would scatter the ashes on the ground and then use a rake to work the cremains into the earth.

Scatter on the Water

You can also scatter ashes on the water. It’s best to go out from shore so that the ashes don’t come back towards the shore area. The ashes don’t actually pose any health or environmental risks, so there are no issues on that front. But you should still be far enough from the shore so that the ashes don’t make their way back. Do you have a boat or do you know someone who has a boat? If you don’t, you can hire someone who can take you and your family out into the water so that you can scatter ashes overboard. You can get an urn that makes it easy to scatter the ashes or you can get a water-soluble urn that you can place into the water.

Scatter in the Air

Might you prefer to scatter the cremated remains in the air? You could have an outdoor memorial that ends with you casting the ashes in the air. It can be a powerful way to scatter the cremated remains, and it could be an especially fitting option if the deceased had enjoyed the great outdoors. Just be sure not to scatter the ashes overhead. It’s best to scatter the ashes from waist level or below – to avoid having the ashes blow back on you, your family, and others.

cremation services in Buckland, OH

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