What Sorts of Things Can You Do with Cremation Ashes?

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Westminster, OH funeral home and cremation

When you select cremation for your deceased relative, you’ll have to decide what to do with the ashes. Traditional burial services make things simple since the main option is to bury the body in a casket, but there are a lot more options for the cremation ashes you’ll get in an urn. So, after hiring a Westminster, OH funeral home and cremation services provider to do the cremation, here are some unique things you can do with the ashes.  

Keep it in an Urn 

While not the most imaginative thing to do with the ashes, it is nonetheless a popular option. You can buy a nice urn to store the ashes in and then place it somewhere in your home like on the fireplace mantel, on a bookcase in the family room or perhaps on a nightstand in your bedroom. If you really want to be fancy, you can get a decorative urn so that it adds some style to whichever room you decide to store it in your residence.  

Outer Space 

Did you know that it’s actually possible to have your loved one’s ashes taken to outer space and then scattered? Yes, your relative can float among the stars. If he or she had a fascination for astronomy and outer space, then this option might be a good fit. Check online for companies that offer this service. You can expect the cost to be a function of the quantity of ashes you want to get scattered in outer space. You can cut down on costs by sending a smaller quantity.   

Memorial Jewelry 

You can find companies that will take the ashes of your deceased loved one and use the ashes to create jewelry. Imagine how special these pieces of jewelry will be to you and yours. Memorial jewelry can also be something that you can pass on from generation to generation.  


If you find the right tattoo artist, you can get a tattoo that incorporates some of the ashes of your deceased relative. The process is pretty straightforward, actually. The tattoo artist will mix in some paint with some of the ashes and then he or she will use the ink to tattoo whatever you want. How’s that for allowing you to create a lasting memorial that you can wherever you go?  


This one is similar to the tattoo idea. All you’ll need to do is mix some paint with some of the ashes and then paint a picture. If you don’t have the ability to do a credible job, get someone who can. The person can paint a picture of the deceased or something scenic.   

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