How to Let Others Know You’ve Chosen to Cremate a Loved One

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It can be a daunting task if you’re asked to plan the body disposition of a loved one. You’ll have to choose between funeral services or cremation services in Anna, OH. If your family has traditionally gone with funeral services in a church or funeral home chapel, then it could cause waves if you let them […]

Funeral Home Myths to Lay to Rest

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In all probability, you’ll only call a funeral home when you need to plan funeral services or cremations services in Waynesfield, OH. And when the time does come to make plans, you don’t want to head into consultations with a head full of myths. So that you can separate myth from fact, here are some things to know about funeral services and the funeral industry.   Myth: Funerals Make Grief Worse  […]

Cremation Myths You Ought to Stop Believing

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Myths might make interesting table talk. But at the end of the day, a myth is still a myth. And separating fact from fiction is important. This is certainly the case as it relates to St. Johns, OH cremations services. After all, you might not make the best of purchasing decisions as a consumer if your decision-making is partly driven by inaccurate information. Read on to […]

Tips for Paying for a Loved One’s Funeral

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Families traditionally come together to bury or to cremate their dead. But what if you and your family don’t have enough money to pay for final services? Your first order of business should be to contact a St. Johns, OH funeral home to discuss the body disposition options available and the options for payment. So call a funeral home, make an appointment for a consultation, and […]

Informing Your Loved Ones About Your Final Disposition Plans

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It can be sobering to discuss St. Johns, OH funeral services with a funeral home. After all, who wants to sit around and talk about their mortality – particularly the part that focuses on death? No one, that’s who. Many people fail to preplan, much less prepay, for their final dispositions, possibly because they would rather focus on other more […]