What Cremation Preplanning Says About You

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If you’re interested in preplanning final services and are leaning towards cremation, you’ll want to speak to a funeral director who can help you make the proper arrangements. Buckland, OH cremations are as popular as funerals when it comes to final services.

But have you ever pondered what going with cremation actually says about who you are, how you see things, and what you stand for as a person? Here’s a look at some of the things that cremation preplanning says about you.

Buckland, OH cremations

You Like to Save Money When Possible

It is true that saving money on some things sometimes means sacrificing quality, but this is not the case with cremation as a body disposition. Yes, you’ll save upfront since cremation costs less than traditional earth burial, but the quality of the body disposition won’t be compromised in any way whatsoever. They are two different body dispositions, and neither is better than the other as far as final services go.

The option you choose will largely depend on what you prefer and perhaps on budgetary considerations. If your family usually goes with a funeral service followed by a burial, then you might lean in this direction due to tradition. But if you don’t have this tradition or if you just want something simpler, then you might go with cremation. The choice is yours.

You Want to Minimize Your Impact on the Environment

First of all, it’s important to know that cremation ashes present no health or environmental risks. But one of the reasons why people like cremation is that they won’t have to take up precious land space at a cemetery. If you are a steward of the environment, you might want to go the extra mile by being cremated rather than buried. It’s also possible, if you wish, to bury a cremation urn. This will take up a lot less space than a traditional casket.

You Like to Keep Things Simple

A cremation can be a very streamlined process since it doesn’t have to include a funeral service of any kind. If you’re the sort who wants to get things done without any fanfare or pomp and circumstance, then you might want to preplan a cremation as the body disposition method. Your loved ones can always plan a memorial or celebration of life afterward if they wish. And such an event can be done in a simple way such as at an informal gathering in a family home.

Are you interested in preplanning a body disposition? Whether you’re leaning towards cremation or traditional earth burial, the experts at Eley Funeral Home & Crematory can help. We specialize in helping grieving families to final services for their deceased loved ones. As well, we can help you to preplan your own final services so that your loved ones don’t have to make the arrangements after you pass on. Call us anytime at (419) 738-7676 for the help you need. You can also talk to us in person at 1102 Lincoln Ave, Wapakoneta, OH 45895. You need look no further for the Buckland, OH cremation or funeral services you want. Get in touch for prompt and professional service.

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