Ideas of Your Loved Ones Remains After Cremation

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Cremation has been used for thousands of years to let loved ones move on to their final resting place. This is a common practice worldwide and can also be completed at some  funeral homes in St. Johns, OH. Unlike a traditional burial where the individual is laid to rest in the ground and with cremation, the remains are returned to the family unless otherwise specified. If you are planning services, she might be wondering what some alternative ideas are to celebrate your loved ones instead of simply keeping them in an urn, and here are some ideas.

Create a Formation

Traditionally it’s not uncommon for people to keep their loved one in a vessel such as an urn to keep the person close to them. But one option that is becoming a more popular choice is to take the remains and combine them with concrete or plastic. The molds can be in the shape of almost anything, and one great option is if the individual loved the ocean or sea life, to form a mold that looks similar to a reef then place it under the water to become a home for the animals there.

Send them Off

The night sky can be a magnificent place to gaze at, and if your loved one was someone who adored planets, you might consider sending them into space via pod. There are even some companies that specialize in offering a tracking method so you can see where your loved one is always.

Place them In Art

Art has always been a way for individuals to express emotions, and this is no different even in the afterlife. Multiple options on the market can involve combining the remains with paint that can be applied to a canvas or even tattoo ink. You may wish to put them in glass and create a sculpture or create a piece of jewelry that you can wear and take with you at any time.

Grow a Tree or Plant

St. Johns, OH funeral homeFor the individual who loved gardening or cared deeply for nature, there is the option of adding the remains or even full-body decomposition in a pod that will house and help grow a tree sapling. Finding a way to add them into a garden can also be a highly beneficial method to promote healing as you’re caring for the area around where the individual is laid to rest.

Release them in the Water or Nature

Another more traditional choice is simply to release the individual’s remains into nature. Whether in a National Park or down a river, it can be a great way to celebrate the individual by taking them back to a place they love.

Quality Through Compassion

Eley Funeral Home & Crematory understand the complexities that come with trying to plan an event that truly honors your loved one. We specialize in multiple services and would love to help you with your experience. If you’re looking at  funeral homes in St. Johns, OH, give us a call today, and we’ll help you get started with your process.