How Do You Offer Condolences in These Times of Social Distancing?

Posted on December 28, 2020 by Deb Eley under cremation
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In these times of social distancing due to the novel coronavirus, what do you do if you want to extend condolences to a grieving friend? Whether before or after the Uniopolis, OH cremation service or funeral service, you’ll want to show some support so that your friend knows that you’re thinking of them and that you’re sorry for their loss. It’s what friends do for friends in times of need.

Here’s a look at some ways you can offer condolences even though COVID-19 social distancing measures mean that you can’t go about as though it’s business as usual.

Reach Out By Phone

In these unprecedented times, you may wish to offer condolences via the phone. Sure, you might prefer to do so in person, but that’s not necessarily the best option right now. So consider giving them a call to let them know you’re sorry for their loss and are praying for them. Also tell them that you’d like to be able to visit them in person but that social distancing regulations prohibit it. They will certainly understand given that nothing’s been the same since early this year.

Contact Them Electronically or Online

You might also wish to contact your friend electronically or online. Whether by text, email, or social media message, you can reach out and let them know you’re in their corner. Of course, this will be an appropriate means of getting in touch if you know your friend typically communicates using such mediums. If not, you might be better off picking up the phone and giving them a call.

Send Them Flowers

Another idea is to send them flowers. You can order them online and then have them delivered to your friend. So if your friend loves flowers, consider sending them a beautiful bouquet. Do a little research and find flowers that convey the message that you wish to impart. If your friend doesn’t like flowers, you can send another gift life a gift basket or something else.

Make a Donation

Did the deceased have a special cause that they had supported? You may wish to make a donation to an organization supporting that cause. This can be a powerful way to let your friend know that their loved one has inspired someone else to contribute to a special cause. If you’re short on funds, you might choose to volunteer some of your time to help a special cause rather than donate money.

Uniopolis, OH cremation service

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