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Posted on September 23, 2019 by Deb Eley under cremation
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Planning cremation services in Waynesfield, OH can be a tad stressful if you’re juggling a lot of other responsibilities and duties. Finding the right funeral home will make things a whole lot more management, but there will be other things that need to be handled. Your best bet is to find family and friends who are willing to help and to delegate some responsibilities to them so that you can focus on laying out plans for the impending cremation service. Here’s what to consider.

cremation services in Waynesfield, OH


Do you have young children who require your undivided attention? It can be hard to plan final services when you need to get the kids ready for school, make their lunches, transport them to and from school, make them dinner, help them with their homework, and then get them ready for bed. Do you have a responsible and trusted friend who could help? Perhaps your friend could take your children to and from school and babysit for a while so that you can plan the cremation without distractions. This will give you the time you need to get things in order while ensuring that your little ones are well taken care of.


There will be a ton of things that need to be done. If there’ll be a memorial service following the reception, you may need to buy a whole lot of food ahead of time. If you need to dry clean your clothing in preparation for a celebration of life event, then you’ll need to find the time to do so. There are lots of small and big tasks that will need to be accomplished. You’ll take a load off your mind – not to mention off your shoulders – if you can find people to help out with some errands. Instead of asking one person to do everything, get a group of volunteers so that the errands can be divvied up among multiple people.

Be Willing to Receive

Chances are that there are people in your circle of influence – whether friends, co-workers, or even neighbors – who will offer to help in any way they can. Don’t shrug off their offers. If you’re offered assistance that can lighten your load as you prepare for the cremation, then let people know what they can do to assist you. Maybe someone will be happy to bake a nice lasagna or prepare a meatloaf. Maybe someone is willing to help out with expenses. It might be difficult for you to accept help, but there are times when graciously accepting assistance is in order.

When the time comes to plan cremation services in Waynesfield, OH, get in touch with us at Eley Funeral Home & Crematory for the professional service you need. We know the ins out outs of planning body dispositions, and we can answer all your questions and give you the expert counsel that you expect from a funeral home. You can reach us at (419) 738-7676 or visit us at 1102 Lincoln Ave, Wapakoneta, OH 45895.

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