What is a Mausoleum?

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When a loved one passes away, and the family starts looking at  funeral homes in Buckland, OH, they will choose where they want the deceased laid to rest. This can be one of the most significant decisions to make in the process, and it can feel confusing if someone has suggested placing the individual in a mausoleum if you don’t know what this is. Understanding their use can help you decide if it is an appropriate option for your loved one.

Historically Speaking

Mausoleums have been around since 350 BC and were created when a king named Mausolus passed away. His wife wanted him placed in a building similar to a temple, so they laid his remains on a platform and surrounded it by columns to memorialize his legacy.

Pictures have been away to commemorate families or people and are traditionally above ground. The design can hold the remains of just one or many individuals and are in place to help act as a preservation option for the deceased from the elements. They are used worldwide, and it’s not uncommon to find them in most cemeteries.

Different Types

There are three different kinds of these buildings that can be found, and they are:

Private: The private option is generally a freestanding building above ground and built to hold families.

Indoor: This design can be a shared space with the community, and the crypts are traditionally indoors, which allows for easy visitation.

Garden: The garden option is like the indoor alternative, which acts as a shared space.

The internal function can vary depending on the style, and there are several different ones to choose from, including:


This choice is built to house entire families so they can be as large as needed. The caskets are arranged in a side-by-side fashion or stacked while still having individual markers for each person laid to rest there.


The side-by-side design is popular with couples because the vessels or caskets are placed next to each other.


This is the most common design that is found and is for one person.


This option can house two individuals, and the caskets sit end-to-end.

Other Considerationsfuneral homes in Buckland, OH

If there is a concern about decomposition within the chamber, the process is different than if the individual was laid to rest in the ground because the body dehydrates as opposed to decomposing.

When it comes to visiting your loved one, certain mausoleums are built to allow space to visit the crypt of the deceased, so if you’re choosing this option, be mindful of the kind of building you are placing them in.

A Locally Trusted Company

Utilizing a mausoleum is just one option that comes with laying your loved one to rest. Some may find that simple burial or cremation services are more appropriate and having a company that will work with you is a priority. If you’re looking at  funeral homes in Buckland, OH, Eley Funeral Home & Crematory is a family-owned company that takes pride in offering the highest quality care on the market. We specialize in multiple services, so contact us today to get started.

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