What are the Burial Options for Someone After Cremation?

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For some, traditional burial has been part of our society alongside cremation services in St. Johns, OH. In most cases, when an individual goes through the cremation process, their remains will be placed in an urn, and the family members will keep them with them through the years. In other situations, the individual may have wanted to have their ashes buried, so here are just a few places that can accommodate laying them to rest.

Urn Garden

Urn gardens are located in a designated spot on the cemetery grounds. The garden will be landscaped with various natural items like decorative rocks or fountains, and they place the urns around the area on display for people to visit.

Private Property

If the individual or a friend or family member had a piece of property, the deceased might have requested to be buried there. In most cases, this would have already been expressed and arranged by the individual, but if not, you may have to contact the property owners to see if this is possible.

Cemetery Plot

Graves are not only for holding a full-size casket but also for housing urns. This can be a good option if multiple individuals want to be buried in the exact location together. Aside from purchasing the plot, you will also need to purchase a burial vault, a container designed to offer support and structure and prevent the ground from caving in on the grave.

In the Sea or Park

If the individual requested to be buried at sea, this is a great option, but you will need to purchase a biodegradable urn to release them in. These urns are not made with toxic materials and will break down quickly in the water dispersing the ashes simultaneously. If they wanted to be buried in a National Park, there are some EPA regulations around this, so a scattering might be the only option. We recommend that you check with local agencies to understand any crucial laws in this situation.

Columbariumcremation services in St. Johns, OH

A columbarium is found in a cemetery, and these are above-ground structures built with chambers inside of them the size of a standard urn. Once the individual’s remains are placed inside the designated chamber, the outside of the container will have a bronze plaque that states information about who is laid to rest there.

Expertise you Can Count On 

As you can see, there are multiple ways to bury a loved one’s ashes, so it is a matter of finding the one that is appropriate and doing your best to grant their request. The cremation services in St. Johns, OH, can be a difficult time to go through, so you want to company that you know you can trust to help you through the process from start to finish. We are a locally owned company that takes great pride in offering high-quality and dedicated professional services to our community so give us a call today if you have any questions or would like to schedule an appointment.

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