Ways You Can Make Funeral Service Meaningful

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Have you attended a funeral ceremony where you left feeling as though you knew way more about the deceased after the service than you did before the service? If you’ve ever been to such an event, you will probably agree that a lot went into making the funeral more memorable. When you plan a final service at a funeral home in St. Johns, OH, you’ll want to ensure your loved one gets the final send-off they deserve. Here’s how you can make it more meaningful.


Personalize the Event

One way you can make a funeral service more meaningful is by personalizing it. So you can, for instance, incorporate music, videos, flowers, pictures, readings, location, and mementos. By incorporating these sorts of things into the funeral service, you will be able to make the entire event more relevant and meaningful for you, your family, and other attendees. You can also personalize the event by adopting a theme. If the deceased had been an avid sports fan, you can ask attendees to wear sports jerseys.


Encourage Others to Take Part

Another way to make the event meaningful is to encourage other people who will be there to take part. They can do so by exchanging encouraging words, by sharing memories, and by simply being there for others. An easy way to encourage people to take part is by singing some songs. It’s not uncommon, for instance, for people to sing hymns at funeral services. Everyone can also take part in various readings such as scripture texts or even poetry. Don’t forget to allow children, especially those related to the deceased, to also play a role.


Choose Location Carefully

Choosing the right location for a service can also help to make the event more meaningful. If the deceased had been a churchgoer, for instance, it can be extra special to hold their funeral service in the church they had attended. If you’re pairing a cremation with some sort of service, you can scatter the ashes in a place packed with significance. When it comes to the burial, you might want to lay your deceased loved one in a plot next to where other loved ones were buried.

funeral home in St. Johns, OH


Celebrate Life

While funerals are somber affairs, don’t make the day all about gloom. It’s also important to celebrate life. Your loved one wouldn’t want their final send-off to be filled only with tears and sadness. They would want their family and friends to remember the good times as well. You can, therefore, make the funeral service more meaningful if you celebrate the life of the deceased.


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