Ways to Save Money on Cremation Services

Posted on June 13, 2022 by admin under cremation
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When a loved one dies, immediate family members typically need to make final arrangements shortly after the death. Most people want to honor their deceased loved one, but final arrangements and body disposition can cause stress financially, especially when the passing of the deceased is sudden and unexpected. Luckily, there are things you can do to make cremation services in Buckland, OH more affordable. Use the following tips to save money on cremation services:

Opt for a Direct Cremation

When money is tight and you’re responsible for the final arrangements of a recently deceased loved one, choosing direct cremation may be the best option. As far as body disposition goes, direct cremation is the most affordable and cost-effective option available. Almost all funeral homes and crematories can assist you in making arrangements for direct cremation.

Direct cremation services are very affordable because the body of the deceased is picked up and directly transported to a crematory. The cremation takes place shortly after. A lot of funeral homes and crematories offer different direct cremation packages, but they are almost always less expensive than more traditional options.

Skip Having the Body of the Deceased Embalmed

It is not uncommon for families to want to hold funeral services prior to the cremation of the body of the deceased. If you’re planning a funeral service within a few days after the death of your loved one, and cremation will take place shortly after, you can opt to skip having the body embalmed.

Embalming is not required by law. In most cases, a body can be refrigerated when the funeral and cremation is within several days of the death. The process of embalming is complicated and requires a skilled professional; it is not surprising that the service is not inexpensive. You can save a substantial amount of money by choosing not to have the body of your loved one embalmed prior to the funeral and cremation.

Choose the Least Expensive Cremation Container

cremation services in Buckland, OHWhen planning a cremation, you should not feel like you need to purchase an expensive casket for your deceased loved one. A simple cremation container made of plywood or pressed cardboard works just as well and costs a lot less. A lot of people need to stretch their dollars when making final arrangements- buying an inexpensive cremation container will allow you to spend your money on other aspects of the funeral/memorial service.

If you would like to have an open-casket viewing and funeral service, most funeral homes have the option of renting a nice casket for a reasonable price. Your deceased loved one will be transferred to a more affordable cremation container prior to the scheduled cremation.

The majority of funeral homes and crematories that arrange cremation services in Buckland, OH understand that not all of their customers have a lot of money to spend when making final arrangements for their deceased loved one. Most places will work with you to help you save money where you can when arranging cremation and a funeral/memorial service.