Ways to Get Children Involved During Funeral Service

Posted on October 21, 2019 by Deb Eley under funeral home
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When the day arrives for the funeral service of a deceased loved one, it will be time for the whole family to head to a funeral home servicing Botkins, OH for the event. Chances are that you and your loved ones will have planned the program so that it fittingly honors the deceased and allows family and close friends to be a part of it. But what about the children in the family? Sure, there will be things that should be left to adults, like the reading of the eulogy, but there are plenty of things that children can be entrusted with. Here are a few examples.

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Children love to sing. Perhaps a number of them can sing a song that their deceased relative had loved to sing while driving in the car, lounging around at home, or even seated at the supper table. Let the children choose the song and allow them the creative freedom to deliver it as they see best. Of course, you or some other adult should verify beforehand if the selection is appropriate. But allowing them to take part will afford them the necessary sense of inclusion. It will also show that their contributions are not only welcome, but also valued.


Will there be a part of the program where family and close friends of the deceased get to give short presentations about what the person meant to them? This will provide an opportunity for children to share their own special connection to the deceased, disclose why the dearly means so much to them, and also explain why they will miss them so dearly.


Allow children who are able to read to take part in any readings that will be done during the funeral service. This can mean reading sections from the Bible that the deceased had held dear, quoting inspirational quotes that were special to them, and more.

These are just a few ways you can incorporate children during the funeral service for someone they knew and loved in this life. It would not be fair to simply have them sit in seats amongst the rest of the attendees since the children also have something that they can contribute to the event. In addition to participating during the actual event, children can also be involved in the lead-up. For instance, they can hand out programs to people who attend as well as greet them before they enter the area where the funeral service will take place.

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