Taking Care of Your Cremation Urn

Posted on September 26, 2022 by admin under cremation
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After your loved one’s cremation services in Uniopolis, OH. their urn will be one of your most important possessions. As such you are going to want it to look new and staying in good shape so that it can last and be passed down to future generations. Keep reading as we dive into the best ways to care for this special item.

First of all it is important to note that not all urns are created the same and because of this how you care for your urn will depend one which material it is made from.

Wooden Urns

Wooden urns are extremely durable and should last you for years when taken care of properly. Fortunately, they do not require much more than a dusting an occasion la deep cleaning.

When dusting your wooden urn, simply take a nice soft cloth and wipe down the outside of the urn, When you want to do a deeper cleaning, use a furniture polish that is specially designed for wood. Never wash your wooden urn with water as it can damage the wood.

Glass Urns

Glass urns are one of the most beautiful types of urns. However, they are also the most delicate and are more prone to breaking since they are made from glass. Luckily as long as you keep your glass urn in safe and sturdy place, it should last for years and looking like new as they are very easy to keep clean. Simply use a soft cloth as well as a glass cleaner that is all-natural and wipe down the exterior of the urn.

Metal Urns

Metal urns are popular as they can offer a timeless and modern design aesthetic. They are also the most durable which is one reason families may choose this material. Cleaning these urns does require a little more care however as they can be easily scratched. Because of this it is important to never use an abrasive cleaner and always make sure the cloth you use is a soft polishing cloth.

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Damage Control

Any time you clean or care for your urn it is always a good idea to inspect it for any damage. This damage could be in the way of broken hardware such as hinges or screws, chipped or broken glass, cracks or warping.

If you notice any damage, call a professional or your urn provider to have it fixed before the problem gets worse. If it cannot be repaired, you may need to get a new urn. Fortunately it is easy to transfer your loved one’s ashes so if this happens, it is an easy process and should not make you feel nervous.

Final Thoughts

Your loved one’s urn is one of your most important possessions and should be treated as such, This means to place it in a secure place, keep it clean and free from dirt as well as have any damaged repaired at the first signs.

Feel free to reach out to us anytime to learn more about urn upkeep as well as cremation services in Uniopolis, OH. Our staff is on hand and available to talk with you anytime.

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