Sympathy Thank You Card Etiquette

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If you are wondering what the proper etiquette is for sending out sympathy thank you cards after a funeral, you are not alone. While most of us know the expectations when it comes to thank you cards for things like birthday or holiday gifts, sympathy thank you cards can be a little more obscure since this is something we don’t encounter often. If you are wondering what the expectations are when it comes to these funeral thank you card, keep reading as directors of funeral homes in St. Johns, OH. explain.

What are Sympathy Thank You Cards?

First off, if you are not familiar with sympathy thank you cards they are simply notes of appreciation that families send to those who offered their support and condolences while they were going through their difficult time. These cards tend to be personal and handwritten and often include a short personal message to the recipient.

Do You Have to Send Sympathy Thank You Cards?

The choice to send sympathy thank you cards or not is entirely up to you. Some people may find comfort in sending the cards and enjoy the activity. For others it may cause too much pain or they may simply have too many other things they are trying to take care of to add on one more task. If you do not send out cards, nobody is going to fault you for it as most everyone will understand you have a lot on your mind.

When Should I Send Out the Cards?

There really is no set rule n how soon or how late these cards can be sent out. However, if the cards are sent out many weeks after the funeral, you may want to add a simple acknowledgment of the delay with something such as “Sorry about the delay but we wanted you to know how much your card and support meant to us”.

Who Should Receive a Card?

You can send sympathy thank you cards out to whomever you wish. You may choose to send them out to everyone who sent you a sympathy card, those who attended the services, those who sent flowers, or those who went above and beyond and helped with things like household chores and taking care of kids or pets.

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What Should I Write On the Card?

Writing a short personal message on the card is a nice touch to show the recipient you truly care. These messages do not have to be anything super long or overly detailed, rather just a nice little note. Messages could be things like:

Thank you for the lovely flowers. Your kindness helped brighten my day in a difficult time.

We are so grateful for your love and support you have shown our family.

Thank you for the card you sent and the kind words and thoughts you sent with it.

Thank you for your donation in memory of Janet. It was a very thoughtful way to honor her.

To learn more about sending cards after services from funeral homes in St. Johns, OH. feel free to reach out to us anytime and let our compassionate and knowledgeable staff help you.

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