Sympathy Flower Alternatives After the Funeral Home or Cremation Service

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After a funeral or cremation service, it’s customary to present the grieving family with a bouquet of flowers, something that’s otherwise referred to as sympathy flowers. But this doesn’t mean that such a gesture is suitable for everyone. Some people don’t want to face flower overload as everyone inundates them with flowers, and others must avoid them for reasons such as allergies. So, it makes sense to consider alternatives after Waynesfield, OH funeral home and cremation services. Here are some suitable alternatives you can consider for such occasions.  

Food Basket 

A food basket, such as one filled with baked goods, fruits or other types of goodies, will make a great alternative for sympathy flowers. If you know the grieving family, it will be all that much easier to know exactly what sort of basket to prepare. You can either assemble it yourself and deliver it or you can find a business that provides food baskets and ask the store to deliver it. With either option, you can provide a grieving family with a gift that comes from the heart. Be sure to include a card conveying your condolences for their loss.  


These days, it’s easy to take and store pictures. In yesteryear, your best – and perhaps only – option was to take pictures, develop them and place them in albums. In the here and now, you can keep pics in albums, on your smartphone, thumb drive, CD, desktop and any of a number of other things. If you knew the deceased personally, you may have pics on, say, your tablet that the grieving family may not have. How about developing some of these pics and placing them in a nice photo album so that you can present it as a gift to the grieving family. While such a gift won’t cost much, it will have a big impact on the deceased person’s family.  


Did the deceased have a passion that he or she supported by dedicating time and financial resources? If you’re aware of such a commitment, then you might want to donate to the deceased person’s favorite charity. Otherwise, you can simply donate to a charity that focused on a cause that meant a lot to the deceased. Donating to charity on another person’s behalf will be a good way to honor the deceased and will also make you feel good.  

As you can see, there are options available if sympathy flowers aren’t the most appropriate gift. At Eley Funeral Home & Crematory, we offer not only sympathy flowers, but also other options like fruit baskets, gift baskets, sweet baskets and comfort food. When you need a company focused on funeral home and cremation in Waynesfield, OH, we have you covered. Get in touch by phone at (419) 738-7676 or come to our store at 1102 Lincoln Ave, Wapakoneta, OH 45895. We understand the stress that grieving people experience when a loved one dies, so we aim to provide the death care services you need and the customer service you expect. 

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