Steps for Sending Flowers to a Funeral Home

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After learning that a friend or family member has passed away, it is very common for people to send flowers to the funeral home handling the arrangements. These floral arrangements are often displayed during the funeral service, and can also provide comfort to the immediate family that is grieving. Almost all funeral homes in Buckland, OH accept floral deliveries from florists. If you want to send flowers to a funeral home, follow these steps:

Make Sure That the Family Wants Flowers

While it is very common to send flowers to a funeral home to show support and love to the grieving family of the deceased, there are cases when flowers may not be wanted. Finding out in advance can help ensure that you don’t waste your time and money to have flowers delivered.

A good way to figure out whether or not flowers are wanted is by reading the obituary. Most obituaries have a paragraph with information about the funeral or memorial at the end. A family may request that donations be made to a charity in honor of the deceased in lieu of flowers. If the term “in lieu of flowers” is mentioned, you should refrain from sending them.

Choose an Appropriate Floral Arrangement

If you happen to know that the deceased had a favorite type of flower, feel free to order an arrangement that features that flower prominently. When you don’t know the deceased’s favorite flower, a good rule of thumb is to stick to the flowers that are most popular for funeral floral arrangements.

Some of the most popular types of flowers used for funeral floral arrangements include lilies, carnations, chrysanthemums, roses, orchids, and gladioli. Most florists offer arrangements tailored for funerals, so don’t be afraid to ask a florist for help if you don’t know what type of arrangement to purchase.

When you contact the florist, make sure that you have all the information about the funeral/memorial service on hand. The florist will need to know the first and last name of the deceased, as well as the name of the funeral home and its address. Providing the correct information will ensure that your flowers will be delivered to the right funeral home and directed to the chapel of the funeral service of the person you’re honoring.

funeral homes in Buckland, OH

Include a Message of Condolences with Your Floral Arrangement

It is always appropriate to include a card with a message when you order a floral arrangement to be delivered to a funeral home. Finding the words to express your condolences can be difficult. A good rule of thumb is to be straightforward and write a message that is meaningful.

Don’t feel that the message on the card has to belong. Even a short message can provide a lot of comfort to the immediate family of the deceased. Always make sure to include your first and last name on the card.

Sending flowers to a funeral home is not something that most people want to do, but it can provide a lot of comfort to the immediate family of the deceased and show that you care. Funeral homes in Buckland, OH make it easy to have flowers delivered- just provide the florist with the name and address of the funeral home.

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