Should You Hold a Viewing With Cremation Services?

Posted on August 22, 2022 by admin under cremation
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Many families may choose direct cremation services in St. Johns, OH. for the simplicity of it. Since this type of cremation service is minimal and does not allow time for services prior to the cremation, it can take some of the stress and burden off the family. However, other families may wish to have a service prior to the cremation such as a viewing. Let’s explore this service a little more and see if it may be right for you and your family.

What is a Viewing?

A viewing is an event that is held prior to the cremation or funeral. It is a casual affair where guests tend to come and go during a specific timeframe. There is no set order of service as with a funeral, rather this event is a gathering for friends and family and an opportunity to talk and mingle with one another.

It is called a viewing because the body of the deceased is present and displayed in an open casket to be “viewed”. For those guests who wish to approach the casket, this offers a chance to visually see their loved one as well as say any last goodbyes or messages. This act can be very therapeutic in helping accept the death and start to heal.

Benefits of Holding a Viewing

As stated above, a viewing can offer an opportunity for guests to see their loved one as well as get closure. Another benefit of a viewing is that it allows everyone to come together and support one another. This environment can often offer the grieving family a little comfort in such a difficult time. It also allows friends and family to talk with the family and personally offer their condolences.

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Considerations With a Viewing

While holding a viewing can offer many benefits, there are some considerations that families should keep in mind when deciding if they should hold this service. One is that the event will add to the overall cost of the cremation service.

With a viewing, typically processes such as embalming and preparing the deceased’s hair and make-up are necessary. These services are additional costs. Also, families will need to either purchase or rent a casket for the event which is another added expense. If the family is on a small or limited budget, a viewing may not be the best option.

Another consideration is the extra planning. When someone passes away there are so many various things to be handled, paperwork to be completed, etc. Some families may wish to keep things as simple as possible. If that is the case, they may choose to forgo the viewing so that they have one less thing to plan, arrange, and coordinate.

Final Thoughts

Holding a viewing for your loved one before their cremation services in St. Johns, OH. is a very personal choice. While this event has its many benefits, for some families, it might make more sense to not hold this service. Talking with your funeral director or the cremation provider can help you better know if a viewing is right for you and your family.

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