Reasons Why Cremation Makes Sense

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Buckland, OH funeral home and cremation

One of the sobering things about the circle of life is that it includes death – and death isn’t really one of those topics that people like think about much less talk about. Whether you’re preplanning for yourself or planning for a deceased relative, finding the right Buckland, OH funeral home and cremation services provider will make all the difference. And while traditional burial is popular, cremation is even more popular. Here’s a look at why this is so.  

Environmental Considerations 

One of the reasons for the popularity of cremation over traditional earth burial is environmental considerations. The typical burial plot could measure around 42 inches by 96 inches, which can translate into a substantial amount of real estate dedicated to the disposition of a deceased person’s body. By comparison, however, cremation requires little, if any, space. It is possible to buy an urn containing the ashes of a deceased person and to bury the urn. This will take up a whole lot less space than will burying a casket, and some cemeteries will actually allow you to bury multiple burns on a single burial plot. Also consider that you can take the ashes home in an urn – which will mean zero ground space requirement – or you can scatter the ashes – which will also mean zero ground space requirement. The cremated remains pose no health or environmental risks, so you can appreciate that cremation as a body disposition method can be environmentally friendly.   

Save Money 

It goes without saying that cremation is usually a more cost-effective body disposition than is traditional earth burial. But if you select a lot of other options, then the price for a cremation can become comparable to a traditional funeral service. Ask for a price list from the death care services provider you select in order to see how much extra services will cost. Then you’ll be able to make an informed decision on what funeral service or memorial service options to add. But if you want a body disposition that can is cost-effective, your best bet is usually cremation.  

Cremains Options 

When it comes to cremation, there are lots of things you can do with the ashes, which are otherwise known as cremains. Yes, you can take the urn containing the ashes to your home and put them on the fireplace mantel or in a place of honor in your den. But you can do other things as well. You can, for instance, bury the urn the way you would a casket, scatter the ashes on land or on water to honor the deceased, create memorial jewelry with the ashes and more. As you can see, there are lots of options you can choose from if you opt for cremation.  

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