Questions to Ask a Funeral Home Before Signing on the Dotted Line

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It pays to ask the right questions when you’re looking for a funeral home in Waynesfield, OH to perform final services for a deceased loved one. You might be tempted to simply select the first one you come across in the aftermath of a death close to home. But that would be a mistake. The best thing you can do is conduct a bit of research to find some reputable service providers – then you need to ask them some questions to whittle down your shortlist of candidates.

Here’s a look at some questions you should ask a funeral home before hiring them to perform the funeral service or cremation service for your loved one who has passed away.

How Long Have You Been in Business?

It makes sense to ask any funeral homes you contact about how long they’ve been in operation. The reality is that you’re more likely to be satisfied with the service of a death care services provider that has a track record that you can verify versus a new funeral home with a limited track record that is harder to verify. You can also find out how long a funeral home has been serving the community by looking at their websites.

What Final Services Options Do You Offer?

This, too, is a critical question. Remember that not all funeral homes offer the same body disposition options. You can’t assume that all funeral homes offer cremations and funerals, for instance. Some offer both while some offer one or the other.

Will You Personalize Services?

You can check out funeral homes’ general price lists to get a look at what they offer. If you’re okay with the packages you find and don’t feel the need to change up anything, then you’re good to go. But there may be times when you like a particular package but want to make a few additions. So ask the funeral homes you contact about whether customization is possible. And enquire about what extra costs you will be assessed if any additions are made to your final services package.

Who Can I Contact if I Need More Information?

You can rely on the funeral director at a reputable funeral home. They will be accessible around the clock to answer your questions. If you’ve lost someone and need help, you can be sure that the funeral director and other professionals employed at the funeral home will be there to assist.

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You’ll like the answers you get from the caring and compassionate professionals at Eley Funeral Home & Crematory. We’ve been in business for more than 30 years, so we have roots in the community and close ties to the people. We’re a funeral home in Waynesfield, OH that believes in treating clients the way we would want to be treated were our situations reversed. You can count on us to help you at each stage of the planning process. We’re also available 24/7 to help your family and answer any questions you have during this time.

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