Personalize Your Loved One’s Casket With a Casket Wrap

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Being able to customize your loved one’s casket is a wonderful way to make it as unique as they were. Some of the ways families can do this is with the material of the casket, as well as lining and color choices. Another way that is growing in popularity is by designing and adding a customized casket wraps. If you aren’t familiar with these warps, don’t worry as directors of funeral homes in St. Johns, OH. share what you need to know.

What is a Casket Wrap?

Casket wraps are vinyl wraps that are applied to the entire exterior of the casket. You have most likely seen vinyl wraps before on commercial vehicles with the business logo and other information and designs.

When these wraps are applied to the casket it gives the appearance that the design has been printed directly on the casket. With the wrap being able to be so personalized, it is a very effective way to make the casket truly unique to your loved one.

Why Choose a Casket Wrap?

The main reason families choose a casket wrap is so that they may customize their loved one’s casket in a way that is truly special. Since the design on the wrap can be just about anything, it is a way to honor and pay tribute to their loved one and their life.

Another advantage of casket wraps that families can benefit from is that since the casket will be wrapped, the family is able to choose a less expensive material for the casket. They can then invest more into the wrap.

funeral homes in St. Johns, OH

How Does the Process Work?

While you can purchase casket wraps from a number of various dealers, the process for designing and installing them is fairly the same. The typical order will go something like:

  • Communication– Contacting the company and talking with them about things like the date and location of the service is an important first step as it ensures the wrap can be designed and delivered in time.
  • Placing Your Order– Once you and the provider have agreed on the timeframe and any other issues, you will place your order either online or over the phone with them.
  • Design– Most providers will have options of stock images and designs you can use as well as offer customized designs. You will work with the provider and create the design. You may need to provide digital images or photographs to the provider.
  • Printing– The provider will then print the casket wrap on the vinyl material.
  • Shipping– If the provider is not local, they will then ship the wrap to your location.
  • Installing– Local providers will then apply the wrap to the casket. If the provider is not local, they will typically have a local 3rd party installer to apply the wrap.

Final Thoughts

Casket wraps are a new and innovative way that families can customize their loved one’s caskets. Working with the casket wrap provider and the director from the funeral homes in St. Johns, OH. you will be able to have your wrap designed and installed giving your loved one an amazing final resting place.

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