Navigating the 5 Stages of Grief

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Loss can be an incredibly painful experience for an individual to have to go through, and it may not start setting in until after they start looking at funeral homes in St. Johns, OH. Because grief is different for everyone, it has no specific amount of time that it will take to process the loss of the loved one. Having more knowledge can be highly beneficial to help navigate through the stages, especially if you are in support of one who is going through the process, so here is more information.

The Five Stages


The first stage of the process is known as denial. This offers a way to minimize the pain of the loss when it first occurs. Because the emotional pain can be intense for some people, denial can work as an effective way to help reduce the impact until the individual is ready to start moving into the other stages. It may consist of reflecting memories of the individual and trying to decipher how to live life without them.


The next stage is anger, which can create comfort, but it can be a viable way to relieve some emotions. Anger might also be a more accepting emotion in our society for individuals to process instead of saying that they feel vulnerable. It can be one of the first primary emotions that the person might go through, so it can be good to reach out for comfort or connection from others.


Bargaining can come in when the individual he’s trying to avoid the pain of loss or the situation around them. It can consist of asking or making promises to help alleviate the emotions. It’s not uncommon for people to say they may change behavior in exchange for stopping what the reality of the situation is. Helplessness is a common emotion when this is happening in the bargaining can help offer a sense of control.


funeral homes in St. Johns, OHThe next experience to arise can be depression, which sets in when the reality of the situation is beginning to be accepted. It’s also when the individual realizes that bargaining is not going to change the situation, and they have to start facing the loss of the individual. The depression can be a deep set of sadness, and it can be good to seek out help from friends or family or a physician if necessary.


The last stage is acceptance, and it doesn’t mean that the pain is gone but simply that the struggle to make the pain different is no longer there.

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