Memorial Tokens Ideas to Offer Attendees

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Losing a loved one can be a painful ordeal to go through. If you’re planning the services at one of the local funeral homes in Uniopolis, OH, it can be beneficial to offer a small token of appreciation to anyone who decides to attend. Memorial tokens are an effective way to let individuals know that you appreciate the support and care they are offering, so you will want to provide genuinely thoughtful items. Choosing items that remind you of your loved one can be beneficial, so here are a few suggestions.


One option is to have a company make polished stones for the attendees. These can offer a simple and elegant item that can be engraved or inscribed and have different finishes to create a truly unique item.


If your loved one enjoyed coffee, you might consider purchasing their favorite brew and providing that to the attendees as a way to say thank you. This can be a welcome gesture, especially after the services, and it can help them remember the loved one as they are enjoying the beverage.


For some individuals, baking or cooking may have been a regular part of their routine, and there may be a favorite recipe that the family enjoyed every year. One gift to consider is offering a favorite recipe and copying it down on cards to provide to the attendees. This will not only give them a favorite or new treat to try but also, at the same time, they can reflect on the loved one as they are preparing it.


Charms can be a cost-effective option to offer anyone who comes to the event. They make great gifts because they can be personalized with different inscriptions and words to reflect on how important the loved one was. In addition to this, they will normally come with a loop on the top, which can be placed on a keychain or necklace to carry with them.


Custom-made awareness bracelets are becoming another popular option to hand out at events. They can be personalized, and you can choose specific colors and words you would like to have printed on them while at the same time the attendees can all wear them to create a sense of connection.

Seed Packetsfuneral homes in Uniopolis, OH

The last option in this list is custom-made seed packets. If a loved one had a favorite flower, you might choose that option, or you could pick something like forget me nots or even a sunflower to commemorate the loved one in a garden.

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As you can see, there are multiple items available to choose from, but if you need something more specific, it can be valuable to look around at other options available online for personalization. The memorial tokens are just one aspect of the services, and if you have recently been looking for funeral homes in Uniopolis, OH, we are here to help. We offer professional and thoughtful services for all our clients, so if you have any questions or would like to set up an appointment, contact us today.

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