How to Show Support to Your Grieving Friend

Posted on October 10, 2022 by admin under cremation
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If you have a friend who is grieving after their loved one’s cremation services in St. Johns, OH. you are going to want to help the through this difficult time. However, you may have no idea exactly how. One thing people often say to a grieving friend is,” I’m here if you need me”. While this is coming from a genuine place, it may not be as helpful as they intend.

With a general statement like that, your friend will appreciate the sentiment but probably not think of it again. If you really want to help your friend, one thing you can do is let them know exactly how you can help them. For example, if they have kids you could say something like, “I would love to watch Jack and Sarah anytime you need”. Having a concrete action like this tells your friend exactly what they can expect and have help with when they need.

One thing to consider before offering your help here is that you are offering something you truly can do. And that you can do it now as well as in the future as your friend may not take you up on your offer right away. So before you offer your help, make sure you are offering something that when your friend comes to ask, you can still delver.

If you need help coming up with ways you could offer to help your friend, you could consider:

  • Cooking – When your friend is grieving the last thing they will want to do is probably cook themselves dinner. Step in and offer to cook one or more nights per week.
  • Cleaning – Grief can cause a big lack of motivation to do daily chores like cleaning and laundry, etc. Offer to come over once a week to dust, clean, and overall tidy up the house.
  • Watching Kids/ Pets – Helping out with children and/or pets can go a long way when your friend is busy trying to get all of their loved ones affairs in order. You could take the kids out for a playdate once or twice a week and/or the dog to a dog park to burn off some energy.
  • Running errands – Your friend is going to have a lot on their plate. Offer to help them out by completing all of the errands for them one day. Everything from dropping off dry cleaning to picking up their groceries.

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  • Helping with the deceased’s affairs – If this is a very close friend, you could offer to sit with them and help them go through all of their deceased affairs and help get everything in order.
  • Yardwork – Yardwork always needs to be done whether its watering in the summer or shoveling snow in the winter, offer to help them and take care of their yard for a while.
  • Home repairs – If they had any home repairs that were in progress, help them get them completed.
  • Taking them out – When your friend is grieving they may tend to want to isolate themselves. Offer to take them out to lunch or a yoga class (or both) once or twice a week. Your company and seeing your friendly face can go a long way in boosting their overall mood.

Helping your friend after their loved one’s cremation services in St. Johns, OH. doesn’t have to be anything grand. A simple gesture such as doing yardwork can go a long way in helping the feel loved and supported.

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