How to Navigate the Feelings Around a Funeral Service

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Dealing with grief and loss has no time limit, and if you have never had to experience a loss before or sit with someone who is going through it, it can be a daunting ordeal. If someone is looking at funeral homes in St. Johns, OH, you might wonder what the next steps are and your role. Here are some suggestions that will help make the process easier as you go through the transitions of processing feelings or supporting someone through grief.

Let the Feelings Be

Death may be an unwelcome topic depending on whom you are speaking to. This can be true if the individual does not understand it and has never had to go through it. When someone suffers a loss, they can experience a broader range of emotions that they may not know how to process, making it much more important to be present for them. In addition, please do your best not to judge their experience or what you think they should be going through, as this will help them feel more at ease with their expertise.

Do Not Alter What is Happening

It is not unusual to avoid the feelings you might be experiencing or your loved one going through in times of loss. Emotions can be uncomfortable if the individual has never had to process them, and they may feel afraid of what is happening. One beautiful thing about loss is that it allows the experience to be exactly what it is and not try to change it. It is when the person fights against their feelings that it gets more difficult to heal.

Listen to Yourself

In every situation, your body will inform you with its wisdom of how you can handle the situation better or do what is true for yourself. Taking the time to understand what you need or help the other individuals relay what they need can offer you better support.

Understand Their Side

funeral homes in St. Johns, OHIn many situations, people have never experienced death, especially if it was not pre-planned. So, the main thing you can do is be present as they go through the motions of grief. It is in finding ways to hold yourself and them through the more complex emotions to promote more healing.

Supporting you Over the Years

There is no right or wrong way to process grief or be present with someone as they are going through their emotions. All you can do with a support person is to be with them and offer your time in ways that might be beneficial for them.

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