How to Help Someone Through Grief

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As anyone who has gone through the pain of grief knows, death is hardest on those friends and family members who are left behind. But between filling out paperwork, inviting guests to the cremation services in St. Johns, OH, and constantly fielding requests of help from friends and family, those going through the grieving process will still have to go about their daily tasks.

For example, young children might have to rely on a grieving parent. The children might even be grieving themselves. For both the parents and children, grief has turned their world upside down. For this reason, they will need to turn to their friends and family for support. But for the friends and family of people who are grieving, what exactly can be done to help? From lending an ear to helping out with household tasks, there is plenty that anyone can do to assist a person in pain.

Being There

We all grieve in our way, both before cremation services in St. Johns, OH and after the service has concluded. As someone who is grieving, you’re not expected to hold it all together. If you’re in the support role and the bereaved wants to talk, please listen to them.

Don’t be too concerned about offering a ton of practical solutions to the deceased’s next of kin. All you will have to do is let them know you’re available and be there should they reach out.

Help Your Loved One With The Practical Stuff

It’s the practical stuff that can really add up when it comes to helping out a grieving friend or family member. For example, you can offer some help around their house. You could also offer help to cook meals for their family or go food shopping for them. For someone knee deep in the throes of grief, a simple trip to the grocery store can seem like too much. Take some of the burden off their shoulders in any way you can.cremation services in St. Johns, OH

What to Avoid When You’re Helping a Loved One After a Death

Let the bereaved work through the grieving process in their own way. Grieving isn’t always neat or fits into a box in a certain way. Don’t put pressure on your friend or family member to grieve in just one way.

Try not to distract the bereaved with news going on in other parts of the country or globe. Doing this might make your friend or family member feel that their grief isn’t as important as a news story.

Don’t bring your particular religious or spiritual beliefs into the discussion. This is especially important if the bereaved doesn’t share your beliefs.

Supporting a loved one after cremation services in St. Johns, OH is of the utmost importance. Let the staff at Eley Funeral Home support you and your family as you grieve for your loved one. Call or visit our St. Johns, OH facility during normal business hours for more information on ways we can help your family during this difficult time.

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