How to Have Secular Services in Funeral Homes in St. Johns, OH

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Holding any type of service in funeral homes in St. Johns, OH can certainly be a difficult time for everyone involved. Of course, you will hold just the right service that reflects the life and personality of the deceased. But these days, you can hold many different types of services in funeral homes in St. Johns, OH. For most families, there will be at least one service that suits many different types of personalities.

What Exactly Is a Secular Funeral Service?

Secular funeral services are personal and customized ceremonies that honor the life of the deceased party. But unlike traditional funerals, there are zero references to religion in a secular service. With a secular ceremony, the focus is solely on remembering the life of the deceased.

With a secular funeral service, the focus is on humans, not religion. Some families might focus the ceremony on nature, life, as well as other creative and unique ways to say farewell to a loved friend or family member.

Why Are Secular Services Becoming More Popular These Days?

Even today, many services held in funeral homes in St. Johns, OH are traditional and somewhat religious in nature. But the number of secular services in St. Johns, OH and elsewhere are rising every day. In the past, families set about choosing hymns for the funeral of a loved one, holding the funeral at a local church, and repeating religious passages that may not even reflect the religious beliefs of the deceased at the time of their passing.

When families follow the established rites of a religious faith, families might get a local minister to hold a funeral service, followed by either a burial or a cremation. But more families are interested in contemporary end-of-life celebrations these days.

Atheists and other nonbelievers are not the only people that can hold secular funeral services. Some families burying a loved one know that the deceased didn’t have any spiritual practices in life. But regardless of the deceased’s religious beliefs or absence of them, the funeral should reflect the life and vibrancy of the deceased in the prime of their life.St. Johns, OH funeral home

What Are Secular Services in Funeral Homes in St. Johns, OH Like?

As the casket or urn arrives, music might be played as mourners file into the funeral home. The officiant might say a few words of welcome. Then the officiant might talk about the meaning of life and the tragedy of death, all from a non-religious view. After a tribute to the deceased, some selected readings by those attending the service, and closing words by the officiant, the secular service will often conclude.

Whether your deceased loved one was a card-carrying atheist or attended sunday service for decades, let the friendly and knowledgeable staff at Eley Funeral Home attend to your needs at this time. From the filing of important paperwork to figuring out the logistics of a lively and vibrant end of life celebration, our staff members in our facility will certainly go out of their way to serve you and your family in any way that you need.

Call or visit our funeral homes in St. Johns, OH facility during normal business hours. Our staff members will address all of your concerns and guide you during this difficult time.

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