How to Go About Writing an Obituary for Your Loved One

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Unless you’re the sort of person who likes to skim through the back of the daily or weekly newspaper in your town to read the obituaries, you might be at a loss as to how to write one. Leading up to Botkins, OH funeral homes and cremations services, obituaries need to be written to notify the community that one of their own has gone to his or her rest.  

While they’re not difficult to write, there are certain things that they should include. Remember that an obituary is really a death notice that is written to acknowledge and spread news about someone’s passing. They can be posted in the paper, on the websites of death care service providers and on other sites as well. Here’s how to prepare a proper obituary.  


The first thing you’ll want to do in a death announcement is to mention the deceased’s complete name, date of birth and date of death. Some people also choose to include a picture of the deceased, though this is not mandatory if you and your family would rather forego this step.  

Biographical Particulars 

After you announce your deceased loved one’s death, you’ll want to provide somewhat of a biographical sketch. If you’re writing the obituary for a newspaper, you’ll have to be selective about the information you include since there will be space limitations; but if you’re writing the obituary for an online site, you can include more biographical information. You don’t have to touch on every single thing the person did. Include significant events — marriage, birth of children, educational achievements, career and other things of that nature. If you’re at a loss for words, reach out to family members for some help in gathering the information for the obituary.   

Family Present and Past 

You should also list family members of the deceased — and don’t limit the list to those who are living. Be sure to include close family members who died previously. You obviously can’t include every member of the family. But be sure to include at least the following: parents, spouse, children — including step children and adopted kids — brothers and sisters – including step-siblings – grandkids, and in-laws. It is not usually necessary to include cousins, nieces or nephews, though you can list how many surviving cousins, nieces and nephews the deceased has. Another thing to consider is that you should include, in brackets, the names of spouses of the deceased’s children and siblings.  

Service Times 

It’s obviously important to include information pertaining to the time and place of the burial, cremation and memorial services. Also be sure to include contact information, phone numbers and emails, so that people can call for more information.  

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