Have You Heard Any of These Cremation Myths?

Posted on March 8, 2021 by Deb Eley under cremation
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cremation service planning in Buckland, OH

Death is a difficult concept for many people to wrap their minds around since it means separation from those they love. But while dealing with death might be hard, planning a final service for someone who has died shouldn’t be. One thing that can make body disposition planning harder than it needs to be is erroneous information. In other words, you need to avoid myths. There are a few myths about cremation services that you need to be aware from. Once you learn the facts, you’ll be ready to plan a cremation service in Buckland, OH.

Here’s a look at some cremation myths that you may or may not have heard about.

Cremation is Only Suitable for Non-Religious People

It is true that many atheists like cremation because it doesn’t have the same religious trappings that a funeral service in a church does. But it’s definitely untrue that cremation is only for atheists or agnostics. The majority of religions around the world are supportive of both cremations and funerals as body disposition options. So cremation is usually a good option regardless of your belief system. If you’re wondering what your religion has to say about cremation, you can ask a leader in your religion, look for the answer online, or ask the funeral director at a funeral home.

People Only Choose Cremation if They’re on a Tight Budget

Another myth is that only people who are on a shoestring budget opt to plan cremation services. This is inaccurate. Many people do choose cremations because they are more cost-effective than funerals, but there are many reasons why families plan cremation services. Some families wish to take the ashes home with them, scatter the ashes someplace, or even create memorial jewelry using the ashes. So there are definitely lots of different reasons why people plan cremations.

There’s No Advantage to Working with Funeral Home that Owns its Own Crematory

Some funeral homes own their own crematories and others have to rely on third-party crematories. If you have a choice between the two, you should go with a funeral home that owns its own crematory. One advantage is that there’ll be no need for extra transportation charges, and there won’t be any scheduling problems that can occur when dealing with a third-party crematory.

cremation service planning in Buckland, OH

When you need professional assistance from a funeral home, we’re here to assist. One way we can assist is by giving you the facts about cremations and funerals. We specialize in helping families and individuals with their funeral service or cremation service planning in Buckland, OH. Our funeral director will explain the entire process so that you know exactly what’s involved. They’ll answer questions, offer tips and recommendations, and equip you with the information you need to make the right decisions for you and your family. For the help you need, give us a call or visit our location to speak to someone in person. You’ll quickly see the difference that our professionalism and specialization can make in the planning process.

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