Get Others Involved When Planning Funeral Service

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When the time comes to plan a final service at a funeral home in Uniopolis, OH, you should do your best to get all the help you can from family and friends. Yes, the funeral director and the other funeral home staff will offer a great deal of assistance as you arrange the body disposition. But the more you can delegate to loved ones and friends, the easier things will be on everyone.

Here’s a look at how you can delegate different responsibilities while arranging a funeral service or cremation service.


If you’ll be having a funeral service in a church, you’ll want to have a printed program that you can hand out to attendees. Do you have someone in your family who is handy with desktop publishing software? If so, you can assign one or more of your loved ones to put together the program for the funeral service. Just make sure they get the information they need. If you’ll get the funeral home to do this for you, you can still appoint someone to send the program information to the funeral home. This will take a load off your shoulders.


Will there be a reception after the funeral service? If so, you can appoint one or two people to take responsibility for planning the event. Whether there’s a small reception in a private home or you hold the reception elsewhere, you can delegate the planning of the event to someone else. Sometimes having a potluck is the easiest way to plan a reception. Jet let people know what types of dishes or beverages they should bring for the reception.


You might also want to ask some people to transport people to and from the venue where the funeral service will take place. As you might imagine, some people will need help getting to the church or chapel. So if you can get someone to offer rides and to enlist other family members and friends to do likewise, things will be much easier on everyone.


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You’ll need some volunteers to help with setting up the church where the funeral service will take place. For instance, you’ll want to organize the lobby. This might mean setting up a table that has a framed picture of the deceased and doing other such things. You’ll also want to have people arrange some floral bouquets. The more people you can get to help, the better.


Another way you can get people to pitch in is simply by getting them to provide moral support When you go to the funeral home to arrange the funeral service, you might feel better if you have some family or friends by your side.

Do you need the help of a funeral home in Uniopolis, OH? We specialize in helping families and individuals with their funeral service or cremation service planning. Allow our funeral director to explain the planning process so that you know exactly what’s involved. For the help you require, give us a call or stop by our office. We’re here to help you in any way we can, so get in touch.


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