Easy Decor to Decorate Your Loved One’s Gravesite

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People have been leaving tributes and mementos on their loved one’s gravesites for over thousands of years. One recorded instance of this dates back approximately 2000 years ago. This is when it is said that the Ancient Greeks would leave flowers on the graves of the fallen warriors in a ritual called “Zoai”. Today, leaving items at a loved one’s gravesite is still a strong tradition that expresses love and honor for the deceased. If you would like inspiration for what to leave on your loved one’s grave, directors of funeral homes in St. Johns, OH. share these ideas.


It is common in many religions and on certain days for families to leave candles on their loved one’s gravesite. These candles can symbolize love, faith, resurrection, and eternal life. It is very important to note however, that before placing any candle on the gravesite you check with the cemetery to ensure you are not breaking any rules. Since there is an open flame involved, some cemeteries may not permit them or have specific instructions such as it can’t be left burning unattended, or that they are not enclosed in glass.

Handwritten Notes

Writing your loved one a letter can be a very therapeutic and healing activity to do. You could choose to this as often as you feel the desire to or keep it for special occasions such as their birthday or anniversary. If you don’t feel as if you want to write an entire letter, you could pen a short note, or pick out a greeting card and write a little message inside.


Flowers are a very common thing to see at gravesites and make a lovely item to leave for your loved one. Some ideas here are leaving a bouquet that includes all your loved one’s favorite flowers. Or bringing flowers that are all in your loved one’s favorite color. You can also look up the meanings of flowers and pick out some that represent what you would like to say.

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One item that is becoming more commonly seen at gravesites is photographs. These photos could be of special occasions like their wedding or graduation or simply fun photos that show their personality. If you are concerned about the photos getting damaged, you could have them laminated or place in a plastic sleeve before leaving them at the gravesite. This way they will be better protected from the elements.

Solar Lights

Solar lights are a wonderful alternative to candles for creating a nice warm glow at night. With so many styles to choose from, solar lights are becoming a very popular item at gravesites. These light can be placed on the ground around the grave or even directly on the headstone or other monument.

If you would like more information on what items to leave at your loved one’s gravesite, give us a call anytime. As directors of funeral homes in St. Johns, OH, we are well informed on what is, and what isn’t typically permitted.

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