Does a Body Have to Be Embalmed?

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You may have heard of embalming and understand a little about it but still wonder things like if it is legally required or what the process actually consists of. In today’s post we are going to look at this service, when it may (or may not) be required as well as why directors of funeral homes in Buckland, OH. may suggest it.

What is Embalming?

Embalming refers to the procedure that is used to slow the decomposition of the body after death. It can keep the body from decomposing for a couple of days to up to a week depending on what chemical (and how much) has been used. The main chemical used in this process is typically formaldehyde.

Is Embalming Legally Required?

Many people wonder if it is legally required to be embalmed before a burial or cremation. While there are no legal requirements in most states, there are certain instances where embalming may be required. For example, if the body is being transported across state lines, it may need to be embalmed.. Also, some funeral homes may require the body to be embalmed if there is to be a viewing.

Is Embalming Necessary with a Funeral?

If you wish to hold a funeral service for your loved one, then embalming would be recommended. This is to ensure the family has time to plan the service and the body of the deceased will be able to be prepared for a viewing or open casket at the funeral. Even if it is a closed casket, it is typically recommend that the body be embalmed with a funeral service.

Is Embalming Necessary with a Cremation?

If your loved one will be cremated it may or may not be necessary to have it first embalmed. For example, if you wish to have a direct cremation with no services prior such as a viewing, then it is not necessary for the body to be embalmed.

However, if you wish to hold services prior to the cremation such as a funeral or viewing, it is recommended that the body be embalmed.

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How Embalming Can Help Families Heal

While it is up to each family and each situation to determine if embalming is necessary, one thing to consider is that this process can actually help families begin to heal. Many times, it can be difficult to say goodbye to a loved one when they pass. This is especially true if it was sudden.

While it can be painful to see our loved one’s body after death, it can be a visually element that can help us process the situation and begin to accept it.

Final Thoughts

Embalming is a process that slows down the decomposition of the body. While it doesn’t stop it completely, it does allow families more time to be able to plan a funeral service, wake or viewing, and provide a visual way to begin accepting the new reality and start to heal.

If you are not sure if embalming is needed for your loved one and your situation, your director from the funeral homes in Buckland, OH. can help you decide.

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