Dealing With Complex Grief After Cremation Services in Buckland, OH

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Bereavement has always been difficult for every person involved. But after the cremation services in Buckland, OH have concluded, some people still continue grieving. With this kind of grief, the bereaved can’t move on after their loved one dies. This process is called complex grief. In these cases, the next of kin might require the help of a mental health professional to cope with all of the grief.

Of course, it’s natural to grieve the death of someone you loved. With that grief might come other emotions such as anxiety and depression. One of the main differences between normal and complex grief is the time spent grieving.

If a person’s grief doesn’t improve about three months after the cremation services in Buckland, OH have ended, this sign could indicate complex grief. The probability of the presence of complex grief gets stronger after about six months without improvement in symptoms of grief, depression, and anxiety.

What Exactly is Complex Grief?

It can take years to get over the loss of a loved one. Doing so can involve taking an exhaustive series of small steps, both forward and backward. But by the very end of this process, you might feel more connected with the deceased. At the same time, you should be able to start seeing yourself living a life without the deceased in it.

As a person experiences complex grief, they ruminate over memories of the deceased. They also excessively worry about future events. At times, they may avoid remembering the details surrounding the deceased’s passing. This is often an intense, paralyzing time for the bereaved.

The excessive rumination can stop your mind’s natural ability to heal over time. By avoiding certain realities, it can cause fatigue, issues with your immune system, as well as other mental health issues.

The Symptoms of Complex Grief

  • Denial of grief
  • Not wanting to socialize or leave the house, even months after the death
  • Not paying attention to personal grooming habits
  • Problems taking care of daily tasks (grocery shopping, school, work)
  • Loss of interest in hobbies well after the death has occurred
  • Trouble sleeping
  • Irritability and anger shown at inopportune moments
  • Suicidal thoughts and even actions

Additional Risk Factors to Look For In a Loved One

Under some circumstances, certain individuals are a bit more likely to experience complex grief. Some of these reasons include the following:cremation services in Buckland, OH

  • Being financially or emotionally dependent on the deceased (a spouse or parent)
  • Sudden, premature deaths (Deaths of otherwise healthy individuals)
  • Dealing with more than one death in a short period of time
  • When the bereaved is a witness to the actual death
  • When the bereaved has a history with mental health issues

A loved one dealing with complex grief is a matter that should be handled by a trained mental health professional. Seek help from a mental health practitioner if you suspect that a friend or family member is having trouble with the grieving process.

Grieving a loved one is never an easy process. Let us take some of the burden off your shoulders by calling or visiting our Bucktown, OH facility. Whether you’re looking for cremation services in Bucktown, OH or are just looking to explore all of your options, talk to our staff at Eley Funeral Home. We’ll walk you through the entire burial process, from beginning to end.