Cremation Facts that You Might Not Know

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Cremation is now more popular than is traditional earth burial, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t some inaccurate beliefs circulating about the cremation process. From the belief that the body is burned up by flames to the idea that the cremation chamber does all the work, there are supposed cremation facts that need to be cleared up. You can ask a company focused on Uniopolis, OH funeral home and cremation services. But read this article first for some answers that will empower you to make a more informed decision.  

Heat Does the Work 

One of the unfortunate misconceptions about cremation is the idea that the deceased’s body is basically set on fire during the process. That’s not only an unsettling thought for many people, it’s also untrue. In the earlier days of the industry, it was true. But the technology available today has rendered this method obsolete. What happens nowadays is that the body of a deceased person is placed into a cremation chamber, and it is the intense heat generated by the machine that incinerates the body. So, to repeat, the heat rather than the flames does all the work. In fact, the cremation chamber can reach temperatures of around 2,000 degrees.  

Implants Have to be Removed 

The cremation machine is very good at what it does, but there are certain things that it wasn’t designed to incinerate. For instance, implants that are in the body of the deceased person must be removed prior to the body being placed into the cremation chamber. Failure to do this could damage the machine, so you’ll want to ensure that you disclose information about implants.  


While the cremation chamber goes a long way towards reducing the body to ashes, the truth of the matter is that it cannot do everything. Bone fragments and teeth will be left behind after the cremation chamber process, and they will then be pulverized so that all that is left are ashes. The ashes will be presented to you in an urn or in some other acceptable container.  

Urn Considerations 

The best place to get an urn is from the death care services provider who will be conducting the cremation for your deceased loved one. But this doesn’t mean that you have to buy an urn from the company doing the death disposition procedure. You can buy your own from somewhere else or you can buy a container other than an urn if you want to save some money.  

One Body at a Time  

Crematories do not place more than one body at a time in a cremation chamber. This should provide you some relief since you won’t have to worry if the urn you take home has remains from people other than your deceased loved one.   

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