Choosing the Best Service Style for Your Loved One’s Event

Posted on September 12, 2022 by admin under cremation
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After your loved one’s cremation services in Buckland, OH., you may consider having a celebration of life service, reception, or other type of event where friends and family can gather in honor of the deceased. No matter what type of evet you choose to hold, food will most likely be involved. This is because we tend to have food play a role in people coming together and bonding. To help you determine which type of food service might be best suited for your event keep reading as we cover some of the options as well as additional considerations.

Types of Serving Styles

Depending on things such as how many guests will be attending, the mood and length of the event, as well as how you wish for guests to mingle and interact with one another, one type of serving style may be better suited than another. To help you know what options are available, we are going to cover some of the most popular. These include:

  • Reception Style– Reception style foods typically include light foods that are served on a buffet-style table. There is no line for guests to stand in rather the guests approach the table as they wish to select the food they want.
  • Buffet Style– With a buffet-style flow, the food is set on a long table or several tables and guests form a line to move along the table. As they move along they will select the items they would like to have. Guests may serve themselves or there may be a server behind the table to serve them the food.
  • Served Hors d’ Oeuvres – With this option, food is placed on trays and servers walk around offering it to guests. This is a nice option when you want guests to be able to stand, move around and mingle as they wish. The food served with this option is light appetizer finger foods that are easy to eat without the use of a knife or other cutlery.
  • Plated/Seated Dinner – This form of food service is typically for more formal events as it has the guests seated at tables and food brought out to them. The food could be a prearranged set menu or you could offer the guests a limited menu choice.

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Things to Keep in Mind

When deicing what type of food service you would like to have for your event, there are several things to keep in mind. As mentioned before, some of these are how many guests will be attending, what mood you would like to create with the even, as well as what type of flow would you like to provide for guests to interact with one another.

Some other important considerations are:

  • Where will the event be held?
  • What is the overall food budget?
  • Who will prepare the food?
  • Will the food be catered?
  • Do you want to have servers at the event?

After your loved one’s cremation services in Buckland, OH., keeping these things in mind can help you decide the perfect food service for your event. If you need more help in planning these arrangements let us know as we are always here to help.

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