Choosing Music For A Funeral Home Service

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There are a lot of details you are going to want to come together for a loved one’s final services at funeral homes in Uniopolis, OH. Part of the service will likely include music of some kind and you are going to want to choose those pieces with care. You want them to reflect your loved one’s personality, but also the type of occasion you are planning. Here are some tips for choosing music for funeral services.

Do You Want Live Or Recorded Music?

Before you get too deep into making decisions, you are going to want to think about whether you want live music, something recorded, or a little of each. For live music, you could have someone play the organ or piano, a special musical number where someone sings, string players, and other such things. With recorded music, you can choose any songs you want and play them over the funeral home or church sound system. Once you make that decision, you have other plans to get into place.

What Would Your Loved One Enjoy?

Any decision you make for your loved one should be something you feel they would appreciate, including the music. If they didn’t like classical music, then you won’t want that musical style at their service. IF they adored country, you might want tunes with that style instead. Think about their musical style and what would show their personality during the service.

What Does The Service Call For?

If you are having a traditional funeral, you might want to air on certain sides when it comes to the music you choose. People might expect hymns and classical-sounding music, not rock and roll. On the other hand, if you are having something more casual and customized, you can get away with almost any music style and it can fit into the occasion nicely.

Are The Lyrics Okay?

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If you have songs with words, you are going to want to read through those words and make sure they fit the occasion. You never want any lyrics that are offensive or would be anything less than honoring. Read through them and you might find certain songs by an artist your loved one enjoyed fit better than others. Some might even be rather touching and perfect for the occasion at hand.

How Will It Be Played?

When you have services at funeral homes, they have sound systems prepared for you and you don’t have to worry about much. You can give them the playlist and the order and they will take care of it for you. If you are having live music, like someone singing, they will also take care of sound for that. Some families have services in churches, and they should have capabilities with sound for music as well. Check those facilities in advance to ensure you have the right things for the event.

When you are working with funeral homes in Uniopolis, OH on final services for a loved one, you might want to think about the music you want for the occasion.

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