5 Common Questions About Cremation Services

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cremation services with a St. Johns, OH

Planning final services for a loved one is never easy since the very act of planning is an acknowledgment that they’re gone. Chances are that you’ll have questions as you plan funeral services or cremation services with a St. Johns, OH funeral home. It’s also likely that you’ll probably have more questions if you’re arranging a cremation than if you’re arranging a funeral. The reason is that there are lots of things about cremation that many people don’t fully understand.

Here’s a look at 5 common questions – as well as the answers – about cremation services that people have.

1. How Many Bodies Can be Placed into the Cremation Chamber at a Time?

By law, funeral homes and crematories are only permitted to place one body at a time into a cremation chamber. So you won’t have to worry about whether the urn you’re presented with after the cremation contains the ashes of your deceased loved one or the ashes of a stranger.

2. Do I Need to Buy a Casket for the Cremation Service?

The short answer is “no”. You can either buy a casket or a simple container. When you plan with the funeral director at a funeral home, they will be able to advise you of your options.

3. How Long Does the Cremation Process Take?

A fairly accurate estimate is that the cremation process can take between two hours and three hours. The precise amount of time depends on various factors such as the size of the deceased person’s body and the temperature inside of the cremation chamber.

4. What Can I Do with the Ashes After Cremation?

There are many things you can do. Some people choose to simply retain the ashes in an urn. They can then place the urn somewhere in their home. Others choose to bury the urn in their backyard or in a cemetery’s urn garden. Other things people sometimes do with ashes include scattering the ashes on the land, in the air, or on the water. It’s also possible to mix ashes with paint before creating a portrait, adding ashes to ink and then getting a tattoo, and other things.

5. Can the Body be Cremated with Implants or Prosthetics?

Sometimes inert prosthetics are left inside of the body since they can be incinerated during the cremation process — but some funeral homes and crematories insist remove breast implants because of the damage they can cause inside the cremation chamber. Things like internal defibrillators and pacemakers must be removed since they have batteries. These batteries can, if exposed to intense heat, explode. Implants made of metal are typically left in the body and are removed after the cremation process. If you have any questions, you can ask the funeral director.

cremation services with a St. Johns, OH

When you need professional assistance from a funeral home, we’re here to assist. We specialize in helping families and individuals with their funeral service or cremation service planning in St. Johns, OH. Our funeral director will explain the entire process so that you know exactly what’s involved. They’ll answer questions, offer tips and recommendations, and equip you with the information you need to make the right decisions for you and your family. For the help you need, get in touch with us to speak to our funeral director or to another member of our staff.

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