3 Reasons Why an Obituary is Important

Posted on January 13, 2020 by Deb Eley under cremation
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Obituaries are one of the many things that come with the cremation or funeral planning process. You’ve likely seen them in the newspaper, and you might have even helped to draft one up to mark the passing of a deceased loved one. But, despite the tradition behind this form of writing, do you know why obituaries as important as they are? Here’s a look at 3 reasons why an obituary is important ahead of the funeral service or cremation service in Wapakoneta, OH.

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1. Pay Tribute

One of the most important reasons for writing up an obituary is to pay tribute to the deceased. You want to let everyone know that they lived a life that mattered and had a positive impact on lots of people from all walks of life. You can use the obituary to tell their story, explain who they were, why they were important, and how they lived their life to the fullest. You won’t have a lot of space if the obituary is in a newspaper, but you should include their name, immediate family members, date of birth, date of death, work history, education history, and some interesting details. You can write up a longer obituary to post online should you wish to do so.

2. Inform the Community of the Development

Another reason an obituary is critical is that it represents a way for you to let the community know that one of their own, a fellow community member, has passed away. Did your deceased loved one support local businesses by shopping close to home? Did they volunteer at the local high school or nursing home? Did they donate non-perishable food items to the local food bank? Did they work in the area? There are lots of reasons why you should let the community know about your family’s loss. It will also allow members of the community to express condolences.

3. Helps You and Yours to Heal

Yet another reason why an obituary is important is that it will help you and your other family members to grieve in a healthy way. As you put together the obituary, you’ll reflect on what their life meant and the contribution they made, how they made those around them better people, and more. So the process of remembering, jotting everything down, and sharing in the form of an obituary will facilitate the grieving process in a tangible way.

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