3 Popular Myths About Wills that Need to be Laid to Rest

Posted on September 9, 2019 by Deb Eley under cremation
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If you ask 100 people whether or not writing up a will is a good idea, you can bet that most of them will respond with a “yes.” But, unfortunately, this doesn’t mean that everyone actually goes follows through by getting one. If you’re thinking about it but either haven’t gotten around to it or are purposefully putting it off, you’re not alone. In addition to preplanning funeral services or cremation services in Botkins, OH, you should also have a will. The sooner you get one done, the better. Just be sure that you don’t allow any myths about wills misinform you. Here are 3 of the most popular myths to address so that they can be summarily dismissed.

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Myth 1: It’ll Cost an Arm and a Leg to Get a Will

If you want a lawyer to draft up your will, you’ll no doubt have to pay. But it won’t be nearly as much as you might have been led to believe. This is especially the case if you go to the meeting prepared – knowing the state of your estate and how you want it divided. Depending on how prepared you are, you might find that the whole process takes an hour or two. The flip side is that if you don’t get a will drafted up, someone other than yourself will decide how to divide your assets.

Myth 2: Once You Write Up a Will, That’s That

It’s a popular notion that writing up a will is something that you do once and then tuck away in a drawer, filing cabinet, or safe until it needs to be retrieved by your family. But this is untrue. You may need to change or update your will multiple times over the years. If there’s a change in your life that tangibly impacts your situation like a marriage, divorce, or birth of children, you’ll want to update your will to reflect these changes.

Myth 3: It’s Difficult to Write a Will

Some people believe that it’s difficult to prepare a will. If you’re prepared, have the documentation, and know exactly what you want to do, you’ll find that the process flows smoothly. This is especially the case if you get help from someone with experience in this area. Many people consult a lawyer to help. The last thing you want is to prepare a will that doesn’t hold up to scrutiny in a court of law. This can, unfortunately, happen if it’s not prepared properly. Getting professional help will ensure that your will won’t be successfully contested.

If you decide to get your will done sooner rather than later, don’t forget to call a funeral home to preplan funeral services or cremation services in Botkins, OH. At Eley Funeral Home & Crematory, we specialize in helping people with planning cremations and funerals. We’ll work with you to make the right plans so that you’re loved one gets a respectful final send-off. You can reach us by phone at (419) 738-7676 or visit us in person at 1102 Lincoln Ave, Wapakoneta, OH 45895.

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