3 Out-of-the-Box Options for Cremation Ashes

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Have you considered the different things you can do with cremated remains after the cremation service in St. Johns, OH? Traditional options include keeping the urn at home, scattering the ashes in the family’s flower garden, and even burying the urn in the backyard. Those are great options. But what if you want to do something more unusual? Here’s a look at 3 options that you’ll want to consider if the goal is to do something different with the cremated remains.

1. Plant a Tree

Was your deceased loved one a lover of the environment? Many people are more environmentally aware these days due to issues like global warming. So perhaps your loved one had been particularly serious about their responsibility as environmental stewards. One way you can honor them is by getting something called a living urn. The urn will contain a tree seedling along with some of your loved one’s ashes. You and your family will then be able to plant the seedling or plant anywhere you wish – perhaps after a memorial service in your deceased loved one’s honor.

2. Diamond

Another unique option is to turn your loved one’s ashes into a diamond. There are companies that will take the ashes and then, after a special process that includes subjecting the ashes to high heat, create a diamond or some other precious stone. You can select the color, the carat size, and even the shape. On top of this, you can then have the diamond added to a piece of jewelry like a ring or necklace. This will create memorial jewelry that you and your family will treasure.

3. Art

You can also use the cremated remains to create works of art that will be a blessing for you and your loved ones for generations to come. For instance, the ashes can be mixed with paint. Then you can find someone with artistic talent to paint something that commemorates the deceased. It’s also possible to get blown glass combined with the cremated remains. When you find someone capable of doing this type of art, you can get them to create different objects like, say, a vase. This sort of art will be a meaningful keepsake that you and your family will be able to treasure indefinitely. It’s worth considering your options if you’re interested in getting cremation art.

cremation service in St. Johns, OH

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